Sad to leave on such a gorgeous day in the cities. #vscocam #mpls  (at Airport – Terminal 2-Humphrey)
Raspberry picking, Minnesota.
Outtake from Coney Island.



Love all the colors of the flea market. One of the many reasons I go almost every weekend.

and that cute little pup.

mostly nature

Woke up this morning and this post had over 200 notes up from 2. ..what?
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Italian Giglio Festival in Williamsburg
Wishing I was having coffee right here in the back garden rather than sitting in the airport at 5:00 am. But soon I will be having coffee with my favorite gorgeous hilarious sister, which is much better than the most beautiful of back gardens at any time of day.
Throw back to June in Minneapolis. Looks like I’ll be making an unplanned visit tomorrow! #vscocam #minnesota @rachel_ohman
Milk & Roses // Greenpoint

Cappuccinos in a back garden patio,
Long walks,
Iced coffee,
New antique shop discoveries,
Browsing though prints and artwork,
Eating smoked salmon BLTs,
Neighborhood carnival,
Fresh mango juice,
Secret gardens,
New art supplies,
Ice cream cones,

Opaque  by  andbamnan