Sunrise balloon launch. #worthit #adirondackhotaorballoonfest @whitknee39 (at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport)

Hot air balloon fest with the best @whitknee39 #soworththeearlymorning (at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport)
It’s always strange and lovely when my local coffee shop pops up multiple times on my feed from different people the same morning… It is a beautiful place.
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Wonderful way to spend Labor Day on this beautiful lake!  (at Lake Calhoun - North Beach)
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Matthew 11:28-30, (The Message)

I don’t always love this translation (the beginning sounds like the opening of a bad commercial when phrased that way) BUT I love the part about ‘learn the unforced rhythms of grace’ part. Regardless, it was a blessing to receive this from a friend in my inbox this morning.

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Finally got to eat here tonight and it was So. Good. I got a seared sesame-marinated tuna sandwich with arugula and wasabi mayo and the most brilliant bread. And tuna crudo. And the treated us with the new lobster bisque. And they are friendly and talkative. Moral of the story, Greenpoint Lobster Co. is fantastic. 

Just another day in the neighborhood…

How did I not find ‘Drunk History’ until now?  It’s kind of amazing. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan