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I love coastlines. Not so much the white sandy beaches you see in the holiday brochures but something like this, at the Snæfellsnes pninsula w-Iceland with it´s unique rock formations that the north-atlantic ocean has shaped over the centuries and now occupied by thousands of birds and the mountains in the background
A walk along a dramatic coastline like this fills you up with energy

So Rachel and I are planning to go to Iceland…. 
I’m a bit excited :)
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Sideways sunset.
This was lovely. #vscocam #nyc  (at Bushwick Inlet park soccer field)
Just hanging out on the beach. Never thought there I would find such great sand in Williamsburg! #vscocam #nyc #bk  (at Williamsburg Waterfront Piers)
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This new Alt-J album is the the jam to my toast lately.

#latergram from the beautiful warm home of @whitknee39 #enjoytroy #vscocam  (at Gasholder Building)
Opaque  by  andbamnan